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Posted by Administrator On December - 18 - 2010

The History of the Game

Throwback Baseball 1.0 dates back to 1969 when the game consisted of handmade cards and was stored in a shoebox. Through the 1970s, the game went through a number of revisions until it re-surfaced in 2008. Because baseball is a timeless game, Throwback Baseball 1.0 only required a little updating to reflect some rule changes, and the player rating index was modified to better mirror 21st century professional baseball. The files were produced to allow for Internet sales with e-mail delivery by Aberdeen Trading Company, the owner and creator of the game.

Although it’s gone through a few updates, and now looks far different than it did in 1969 with hand-written cards and a shoebox, the game plays the same way it did in its original form. Like other traditional tabletop baseball games, Throwback Baseball 1.0 is a dice-based game and is a great way to introduce kids as young as seven to the intrigue and fun of tabletop baseball.

About the Game
Using three standard dice, the game unfolds by comparing the results of the dice roll with the exclusive key cards. Each key card shows a pre-determined baseball play (home run, fly out, single, etc.), and one dice roll equals one ‘at-bat.’

There are a total of eight key cards that drive results. To play the simplest version, use only the “Basic Key” card and enjoy nine innings of baseball in about an hour. To add complexity, use the other key cards to permit managerial moves like stealing and bunting. The advanced key cards are also weighted to account for pitching and hitting strengths of the respective players on your team’s lineup.

The game is delivered electronically as a set of pdf files and includes everything you need except for the dice. You get the full set of instructions, key cards, player rating index, player cards and a playing field to keep track of the action, blank lineup/score sheets and a simulated game lineup to help you enjoy the game immediately.

To start the game, select two pro (or fantasy or your neighborhood Little League) teams and create your line-up. Or you can use the one that’s supplied with the game. Fill out your player cards, place the pitcher on the mound, the batter at the plate and roll the dice. Read the corresponding key card for the play and away you go.

Because the player cards are blank, you can use pro players from any baseball era, including current season players. And because you receive all the files, you can print more player cards and score sheets as you need them. It’s a game that really will last a lifetime.

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